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Experienced and Passionate




Angelina is a 10th grade student at The Brearley School. The Brearley School is an all-girls K-12 private school, one of the most academically strong schools in the country (ranked #1 of all-girls schools nationally by Niche). Angelina is in the debate team and creative writing club at school.  Angelina plays soccer at Asphalt Green Soccer Club, a professional soccer club, and has won different track and field competitions before. Other than soccer, Angelina loves to play basketball and enjoys watching Youtube during her leisure. Angelina works extremely well with kids. She can tutor Public Speaking, English, math, and private school admission related subjects. She can also provide a Mandarin tutoring service.




April is a 12th grade student at Hunter College High School. She is on the Hunter math team and has participated in different math competitions on behalf of the school. April has won several city and state math awards and is qualified for AIME with distinction in both 9th and 10th grades. She has also been invited to take part in Math Prize for Girls, a math competition sponsored by MIT. Besides her math achievements, April also loves reading and writing. She was awarded the regional Silver Key for her poetry in Scholastic Arts & Writing competition. Outside the classroom, April is a leading player on the Hunter badminton team as well.

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Team Operating Manager/Tutor/TBT Host

Danny is a 9th-grade student at Hunter College High School. He is talented in many subjects and fields, many of which are sure to benefit students and team members alike during his time as Team Operating Manager. As an experienced pianist, he has won numerous awards from competitions and recitals and performed in Carnegie Hall on multiple occasions. He is also a gifted mathematician and passionate writer, learning from every experience to enhance his performance in countless competitions and exams. Danny is sure to impress with his dedicated work and organized mind, and hopes to make YOUR experience with Teddy Bear Tutoring much more successful.




Charles is a 11th grade student in well-known  Stuyvesant High School.  He started playing chess in kindergarten. He became the New York State K-1 Champion in 1st grade. Together with his previous school chess team, Charles has won numerous individual and team titles at NYC, NY state, and national levels. Charles is a USCF Chess Expert (2100+). He plays almost exclusively in adult open tournaments now. His tactics rating is currently over 3200. Charles started giving group chess lessons at a local public library in 2017. He is a very experienced chess tutor and very passionate about chess. He would love to help you enjoy chess as well.




Noah is ten years old and goes to the Lower Lab School, a gifted and talented school in New York City. Noah likes to read, play sports, solve math problems, play games, and write codes. Noah was the head programmer of a Hackathon (a programming competition for creative and innovative ideas) and wrote most of the project code. The project was a parody of the classic retro game Flappy Bird, called "Flappy Fish." Besides coding,  Noah also plays hockey. When he grows up, he wants to become a game developer or a professional sports player. He is a very experienced tutor for Scratch programming and Python Programming.



Chief Operating Officer in London Branch/Tutor

Christopher is a Year 12 student at Marlborough College in England, the school in which Prince William's wife, Kate, graduated. Christopher is a Model United Nations delegate, participating and chairing in many conferences across the country. He has been swimming for 12 years, winning multiple medals. Additionally, he is also shortlisted for the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, the most prestigious of its type in the UK. Filmmaking and photography have been longtime interests of Christopher. He has published many photographs. In his free time, he has shot many short films. He can tutor Public Speaking, Math, Science, and Mandarin. He can also teach photography, filmmaking, and post-production.




Christian Friis is a Year 10 student at Marlborough College in England, the school in which Prince William's wife, Kate, graduated. He participates regularly in swimming, track & field, and also a 3d printing Cad design. Christian is a strong athlete; he has been swimming since he was 4 years old. At his previous school, the International School of Beijing (IBS), he has been chosen to represent the school at numerous track and field events and was part of the student council. Academically, Christoper is in high sets in math, English, and science.  He is also very outstanding in art, design technology and participated in the famous St. Martin art summer camp. Outside school, Christian likes to read comics and novels, draw, make props, 3d print, and has a surprisingly large Lego collection. He is an expert in teaching 3d printing (cad).




Camilla Friis is a Year 8 student in Highgate Schoo, London. Highgate School is very strong academically and is one of the best private and coed schools in England. Camilla will be turning 12 this year. She shows her talent in sports. She has been ice skating since she was 7 years old and has won numerous awards. Camilla is also a very good sprint swimmer. She speaks English, Mandarin, and Danish fluently and she is also learning French and Latin currently at school. In her spare time, Camilla loves to draw, cook and bake. Camila is very patient and works extremely well with young kids. She lived in Beijing for 10 years. She would like to share her learning and life experiences in China, Denmark, and England as well.

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Jason is a 7th grade student at Long Island School for the Gifted and is an advanced swimmer at Huntington YMCA Bluefish. He has been swimming for ten years, winning numerous medals along the way, such as a gold medal for NY state in 2017. Although Jason is only twelve this year, he has been very passionate and determined not only in swimming, but also in learning Mandarin, which he has learned for six years. He has finished reading The Three Kingdoms, which shows that he is not only capable of speaking Mandarin fluently but also able to read and write Mandarin very well. Jason is also an expert in video production and editing.




Nancy is a 11th grade student at Hunter College High School. She has been passionate about learning math from a young age, and is part of Hunter's math team and has participated in many math competitions as part of the team. She also qualified for AIME in her 9th grade. Apart from math, she also takes part in her school's physics and bike clubs. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling as well as fixing and building bikes.




Sarah is currently a junior who attends The Nightingale Bamford School. She has previous experiences with children which includes peer tutoring and monitoring for teachers. She has also been a debater for 6 years, which demands strong public speaking and writing skills. She is currently on the high school debate team, and has attended many tournaments including the Harvard invitational tournament. Sarah has also written for her school newspaper several times. In her leisure time she likes to go biking by the ocean along with knitting for charity. Sarah is available to teach subjects in both math, English, writing, and public speaking/ debate.



Tutor/TBT Host

Stephanie is an 8th grade student who is attending Cottonwood Creek K-8 School. At this school, Stephanie is part of the LGBTQ+ and Allies Club as the public chair and she participates in different afterschool programs throughout the week, such as coding, art classes, and tennis. She is also part of her school's Symphonic Band, playing the flute in band and piano in spare time. While in her spare time, Stephanie enjoys playing video games with her friends, going on walks, watching anime, or sketching in her journal. She is a tutor for English and Public Speaking, as well as any math related subjects.



Tutor/TBT Host

Anna is a 7th grade student at the Christa McAuliffe Intermediate School, the best middle school in New York State. At school, Anna shows outstanding results in her academics. Previously, she has published articles for her school's online newspaper. Outside of school, Anna enjoys listening to music, watching shows, taking photographs, and baking. Anna is also passionate about teaching young children and has a rich experience in teaching. She has been teaching low schoolers free math lessons sponsored by since last summer. Anna is also an active volunteer for being the host of Teddy Bear Talk, a free public speaking class offered to young kids. Anna is very responsible and works very hard. We are thrilled to have her in our team.




Alyssa is a 10th grade student at The Brearley School, the best all-girls school in the States. She is in the computer science, math team, and tech CIO (3D printing + soldering) clubs at school. Since she was a child, she has always loved helping kids: in 4th grade, she started helping her 3rd grade teacher after school by grading homework. She continued that and took on more tasks until 7th grade, when COVID hit. This September, she started volunteering at by teaching math to lower schoolers. She is fluent in Cantonese and continuing to improve her Mandarin at school. She won third prize (Age 11-13) in The China Press's 7th Annual U.S. Chinese Essay Contest for Youth in 2018. 




Leena is a 9th grade student attending The Brearley School, the best all-girls school in the U.S. Leena has won many awards from her previous schools and preparatory course, including writing and mathematical achievements. Leena’s love for helping kids started when she was in 4th grade, helping children learn how to utilize computers and assisting them with technology. These small tasks helped her spark an adoration for volunteer work and tutoring kids. At school, she is currently in the 3d printing, chess, and theatre technology clubs. She is fluent in English and Arabic while still improving her skills in French and Spanish. Leena is a very responsible and dedicated student. She is available to tutor math, English and writing.




Daniel is a freshman in Princeton University who has a passion for helping and teaching others across a variety of subjects, including mathematics, writing, programming, music, and more. Academically successful, he has held numerous nation-wide distinctions including being a National Merit Finalist and an American Computer Science League Finalist. Outside the classroom, he is the president of the Roslyn Code Club, Quizbowl team, and YADAC (a youth advocacy organization), and vice president of his school's Math Team and Science National Honors Society. He has been working as a coach at theCoderSchool, a NYSSMA tutor for piano and french horn, and an organizer of free educational workshops for his local community.




Sophie Cheng is a junior at Hunter College High School, where she is involved in a plethora of clubs/publications, including a strings ensemble and the school math team. She has had 50+ hours of teaching experience tutoring at Girls Are Great at Math, where she teaches a 4th grade class, and had scored a 19/25 on the AMC 8. Additionally, she has taken Spanish for 3 years, in which she is fairly adept and has received consistently high marks in. Outside of school, Sophie also enjoys drawing, playing violin, and writing.




Eton is an 8th grade student at Garden City Middle School. He loves doing math and helping others. He also likes reading books or articles on biology and mystery. He volunteers to teach young kids at Not only that, but he is also a member of the 1st place-winning Garden City High School Marching band and loves to play the Tuba. He loves playing Roblox as well and has a youtube channel named Etonymous with over 1,000 subscribers.




Yossra Nizam is a current ninth grader at the Brearley School, the best all-girls school in the US. She is an active participant of the Business and Financial Awareness Club, and the Model UN team. In middle school, she lead the Intersectional Feminism Club, and this year she also co-founded Brearley’s very first Muslim affinity.  Having been valedictorian in her previous school and in her accelerated preparatory program, Yossra went on to place top ten in her sixth grade hackathon, and win further awards in literature and history. At her current school, she is also in the advanced math class, and in terms of languages, she is fluent in Bengali and has taken three years of French. However, not only is she a dedicated student but also a passionate artist. Aside from academic pursuits, Yossra also loves photography, ceramics, and painting. In addition, she is great with children since she has two younger sisters, both of whom she has tutored for the ISEE. Now, her younger sisters also attend Brearley. Yossra’s creativity, leadership, and problem solving skills make her a great tutor for both English and math.   many competitions against adult teams throughout the tristate region. Vivian can teach both math and English.




Gary is an 8th grade student at South Woods Middle School. He is a viola student at the Juilliard Pre-College Program, a conservatory backed music program for students 8–18 years old who exhibit the talent and ambition to pursue serious music study at the college level. Gary has performed at Peter Jay Sharp Theater with many of his Juilliard companions. Gary is also on the C2C Robotics Team, A VEX Robotics team that has participated in many competitions and has previously qualified and competed in the VEX World Championship.Furthermore, he is on the South Woods Science Olympiad Team and enjoys studying physics and environmental science. He also is the President of the South Woods Chamber Club and enjoys playing along with his fellow instrumentalists. In his free time, Gary enjoys reading, watching YouTube and practicing viola. As a tutor, Gary is confident in his abilities to teach Math, Science, and English for younger students and strives to make their learning experience as exuberant and fun as possible.




Mayisha is a 9th-grade student attending The Brearley School, the best all-girls school in the U.S. Mayisha has won many awards from her previous schools and preparatory courses, including English and Science awards. As a child, she has always had a love for helping others: she began with tutoring her little sister when Mayisha was in 3rd grade and continued to tutor her for NY State Exams and the Lower Level ISEE. Her sister now attends The Brearley School as well. In 5th and 6th grade, she served on her school's student council; in 8th grade, she was a peer tutor for 6th and 7th graders in Math and English. Mayisha is also contributing to her older brother's non-profit, The Learning Zone, which is an innovative learning hub catered to those who are passionate about science. She currently is in the Medical Science and Science club at school. Mayisha is fluent in English and Bengali while improving her skills in Spanish and Arabic. Mayisha is a very hard-working and dedicated student.




Mira Schubert is a 10th grade student at the Brearley School, the best all-girls school in the US. Mira is the Class President of her grade, and she is also in Model UN, Computer Science Club, the Multiracial affinity group, and Debate. Through these activities, Mira has learned many useful skills that she is eager to pass on to other younger students. These include public speaking, writing, leadership skills, coding, math, and various other topics that she enjoys. Mira loves working with children, and has gained a lot of experience through babysitting in her free time and by working at a children’s day camp in the summer. When she is not in school or working with kids, Mira is a tri-sport athlete who also enjoys practicing and performing the violin, drawing, and volunteering at the Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home. Mira is excited to get to know you and your kids!

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